Rumors of new iPads heat up as 2012 arrives


You may have just unwrapped your new iPad 2, but rumors are already swirling about the iPad 3. The always-fertile field of Apple rumors is once again blossoming furiously, as tech observers pore over the most minute tidbits of information to speculate on the future of the market-leading Apple tablet. It was January 2010 when Apple unveiled the “magical” iPad, introducing much of the general public to the concept of a tablet computer for the first time.

With the massive Consumer Electronics Show set for January 10-13 and MacWorld/iWorld — billed as “the world’s ultimate fan event” for Apple lovers — scheduled for January 26-28, observers are wondering whether Apple could soon roll out the third generation of the device.
2011: Apple launches iPad 2.


“We’ve entered a post-iPhone news cycle, when iPad rumors are surfacing with full force,” wrote Leslie Horn for PC Magazine. “Of course the launch date has been discussed quite a bit, as it goes with any anticipated Apple device. But the reality with an Apple gadget is that we’ll have to wait and see.”

But from folks who monitor the supply chain of Apple components in Asia and other analysts, a few plausible details have emerged:
Faster processor. Several reports have suggested that the new iPads will have a new, faster processor that will offer quicker browsing, gaming and other activity.

Apple recently started using a plant in Austin, Texas, to manufacture computer chips, according to a Reuters report and other sources. Analysts have speculated that facility, owned by Samsung, could be the source of the new processors.


Sharper screen. It’s also a relatively safe bet to expect a higher-resolution screen, an upgrade that’s been a staple in most new permutations of Apple’s mobile products. Reports of a much stronger battery have also surfaced in multiple places and seem to have some merit.

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Voice control. One can’t help wonder whether Apple will add Siri, the iPhone 4S’s voice-control “virtual assistant,” to the new iPad as well. A cheaper iPad. Also possible is that Apple will attempt to address, in some way, the recent success of the smaller, simpler Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon, which costs $300 less than the entry-level iPad 2.

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